Everything opens, and with many of those openings comes a new opportunity to do something great. But when the time comes for the dirt to firm up and the bike to come out – one opening stands out from the rest. Lift-access riding is back in your life with new trails and fresh lines, so open your hand and close it around your handlebar – the Bike Park opens on Friday. 


This project was dreamed up by the good folks at Good Fortune Collective for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park’s opening campaign. Teaming up with myself, Andre Nutini and Scott Secco, we shot the riding in the fall of 2017, with the introductory sets shot in spring 2018.

Client: Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Agency: Good Fortune Collective

Director & DOP – David Peacock

Cinematography – David Peacock, Andre Nutini, Scott Secco

Editors – Andre Nutini, David Peacock